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2019 Motto: Taking care of ME!

January 18, 2019

New Year – New Me! Or New YOU! Healthy eating, diligent gym routines, or getting rid of bad habits are just a few resolutions lots of us look forward to achieving in the New Year. Let’s add one more thing to that list (I know it can fit): let’s focus on oral health! In this New Year let’s give our teeth and gums a little bit more love. You can start by scheduling a new patient exam and cleaning at Artful Smiles Dental Studio. Our name says it all!  You’ll be ready in no time with clean pearly whites, healthy looking gums, and great breath.

Here are a few things you can start working on at home:

  • Brushing before bed: Brushing twice a day keeps the dentist away? HOLD ON not in this case, but it makes a big difference! Get into a routine: Pajamas! Brushing! Bed!
  • Brushing properly: Taking the time to brush in a gentle circular motion for 2 minutes twice a day.
  • Do not forget about your most powerful muscle, the TONGUE! Brush gently every time you brush your teeth, not brushing can cause bad breath as well as other dental problems.
  • Flossing: This is just as important as brushing. Dr. Korol says that not flossing is like washing your hands and not scrubbing in between your fingers! GROSS! Get in there!
  • Consider using alcohol free mouth wash: It kills bacteria that can cause bad breath.

Drum roll please! We have a patient of the month! Artful Smiles Dental Studio is starting the year right, and so is Thomas. Thanks to our great hygienist, this patient was able to follow some very easy home care instructions, and is now motivated to be consistent with cleanings every 3 months (although, he took a 20 year break from seeing a dentist before coming to see us last year). Thomas is now using his new Oral-B electric toothbrush TWICE a day and has since seen a drastic change in his overall oral health! Along with brushing twice a day, he took on flossing and is consistent with dental cleanings. Congrats, Thomas!

New Raffle: New Patients and Patients of the Month have an opportunity to win a Sonicare Electric Toothbrush! Winner will be announced monthly! Good Luck!

Contact Artful Smiles Team today to learn how we help you with your New Year dental health resolutions.

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