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4 Reasons You May Not Need Dental Insurance

September 1, 2020

Many people may put off receiving dental care simply because they believe they need dental insurance and do not currently have access to it. However, there are many situations in which patients can receive quality care, even if they do not currently have insurance coverage. It is important to remember that even the best dental insurance plans do not often cover all types of necessary dental work, and that sometimes finding affordable dental care means finding a practice that is willing to work with you to cover the costs of your dental treatment. If you’re wondering whether or not dental insurance is right for you, consider these four reasons why it may not actually be necessary – or, at least, mandatory – for the type of care that you need.

 Dental Practices Can Help With What Isn’t Covered by Even the Best Dental Plans

Pediatric dentist showing little boy how to brush teeth with his mother at the dental clinicDental Emergencies – One of the first things to be aware of is that if you are facing a dental emergency, such as a toothache or oral trauma, there is no reason to delay finding a dental practitioner to help you with the problem. Not having insurance should never be something that precludes you from finding care.

Payment Plans – With the proper payment plans, or payment options such as credit, you may be able to find an affordable answer to your dental care even if you do not currently have insurance. Dental offices will typically be able to answer questions about the types of payment options that they can provide to clients, so be sure to ask.

Medical Billing – In many situations, medically necessary dental procedures may be covered by your medical insurance. Finding a dental office that is well-versed in medical billing can help you cover the costs of these procedures, so be sure to ask your dental provider or the dental office that you are interested in whether or not medical billing may be an option for you.

Discount Plans – By signing up for dental discount plans rather than for dental insurance, you may be able to save much more money than you would be able to with insurance, even on big-ticket procedures. Be sure to do your research before signing up for any plan, though.

Whether or not you decide that you need dental insurance, keeping these four things in mind can help you to find better quality, more affordable dental care overall. Be sure to stay in communication with your dentist’s office, as many dental staff members are happy to help you to maintain a better, healthier, brighter smile.

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