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Giving Thanks for a Healthy Smile!

November 3, 2017

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which is why it’s a great opportunity to give thanks for everything important in our lives and in our practice.

We especially wanted to give thanks for healthy smiles! Throughout the year we do our best to help everyone improve their oral health by focusing our practice on the prevention. The results are better gum health, fewer cavities, and healthier smiles. Don’t take your healthy smile for granted and continue to maintain it by regular brushing, flossing, and dental cleanings.

As your local family dental practice, we are thankful for you and for our amazing patient family! Thank you for giving us an opportunity to do what we absolutely love, to help people improve their dental health and therefore their overall wellbeing. We can’t thank you enough for the privilege to care for your smile. Our deepest appreciation and gratitude to our patient family! Thank you for being AMAZING!

From our family to yours, here are some mouth-healthy suggestions for Thanksgiving table:

Appetizers:  Crunchy veggies help to remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth. Cheese contains calcium and helps to reduce the effect of acidic wines and cranberry sauce. Nuts also contain calcium and minerals that help strengthen teeth.

Main Course: Consider adding sesame oil in your cooking. Sesame oil has been shown to reduce gum inflammation and the effects of plaque.

Dessert: Crunchy fruits, honey, and Greek yogurt are your best mouth-healthy options. Crunchy fruits are great at removing plaque off teeth. Greek yogurt is low in sugar and high in teeth strengthening calcium.  Adding honey to your dessert not only gives it some sweetness but also serves as a natural antiseptic.

This Thanksgiving as you are enjoyably munching on your favorite treats, don’t forget to give thanks for your healthy teeth and smile. Good oral health helps us to enjoy our favorite foods so much more.

From all of us here at Artful Smiles Dental Studio, we wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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