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Green and Clean

March 10, 2019

Spring is in the air and that means spring cleaning! March has a few wacky celebrations that might inspire spring cleaning, for example Old Stuff Day on March 2nd. With that in mind, let’s dig into our closets, kitchens, basements, bedrooms, and get rid of all that old dusty stuff. March is also National Irish American Heritage Month, National Celery Month, and we all get to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. No other city does St Patrick’s Day like Chicago! Green beer, green Chicago River, green food, green everything! But when Artful Smiles Dental Studio thinks green, we think dental hygiene appointment — don’t forget to schedule your routine teeth cleaning visit.

For the most part, everyone probably has a drawer that’s gathering dust with bits, bobs and trinkets from 1977, or old toys, antiques, and electronics that can be sold or donated. Now, when it comes to old clothes in the back of your closet, HOLD ON, vintage clothing is making a comeback. You may even be surprised at what you find! All these old things can also be revamped into something new. Turn today into an arts and crafts day and repurpose a few things you find around your home.

With spring cleaning out of the way, let’s have a little bit of fun and celebrate Irish American Heritage Month and St. Patrick’s Day all together! The Chicago Sun Times along with WalletHub named Chicago the best city to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day out of 200 U.S cities. With pub crawls, parades, and the Chicago River going green there’s no question – GOOD JOB CHICAGO! So, gather all the green attire you can find and head downtown.  If you’re still up for some more celebrating, March is also National Celery Month. Grab a Bloody Mary and add extra celery!

To end our tour of March holidays and wacky celebrations that bring out all this vibrant green color, schedule a dental cleaning appointment. Artful Smiles Dental Studio is here to take your spring cleaning to a whole new level —  block an hour of time on our schedule for a cleaning visit. We see green we think clean and healthy teeth!

Happy March everyone!

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