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Spring Cleaning

April 18, 2018

It might not feel like spring just yet in our Windy City with temperatures in the low 30s, but the birds are chirping and it makes me think about the upcoming season. What spring means to each and every one of us is different – for me springtime symbolizes a fresh new start. Nature is climbing out of its winter slumber, shaking itself off and putting on a new colorful dress. It’s definitely sprucing up time – spring cleaning is in the air.

Since I think about teeth and dental health most of the time, I cannot help but relate spring cleaning to a little bit of tooth talk.  Here are a few items to include on your Spring Cleaning Check List:

1. Replace Your Toothbrush

Get in the habit of replacing toothbrushes every 3 months. The old worn toothbrushes just do not do as good of a job no matter how hard you scrub. Also, over time bacteria and viruses collect on the toothbrush surface with a potential to reinfect you. Make sure that your new toothbrush is SOFT (I cannot stress it enough) or extra-soft (Sonicare and Braun toothbrush replacement brushes are always soft, so no worries there).

2. Stock Up on More Floss

Number one reason we fall off the flossing wagon is not having any floss around. After seeing a dentist we are always doing so well with flossing, but as soon as the goody bag floss supply ends, so does our enthusiasm. Stock up to avoid running out.

3. Mouthwash – Check Expiration Date

The expiration date is indicated on every mouthwash bottle. Using mouthwash past its expiration date can alter its effectiveness. You are doing this extra step for a reason, so do not waste your time on a mouthwash that has passed its shelf life. While you are checking your stock, look at the toothpaste expiration date as well.

4. Schedule a Dental Cleaning

Speaking of ultimate spring cleaning move, it’s a great idea to spruce up your smile with a dental cleaning. In the winter, we tend to accumulate more stains through a combination of hot teas, red wines, and dry air. A cleaning by a dental professional will eliminate these environmental stains and brighten up your smile. Also, consider teeth whitening for brightening your smile even more.

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions! You can reach us at 847-905-0790.

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