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Protect Your Smile with a Tooth Sealant from Artful Smiles Dental Studio

Happy mother and her children lying on a bedOne of the best ways to keep your teeth from decaying is to allow your primary care dentist to apply a tooth sealant to the teeth in the back of your mouth (most people usually have dental sealants applied on their molars and premolars). It’s a quick and easy process. Tooth sealants are like paint.

Once on your teeth, sealants mold into the grooves and spaces between your teeth that act as a barrier to fight plaque and food from gathering there. This is one of the first steps to keep your teeth healthy and on the front lines in fighting the war against cavities because brushing and flossing alone doesn’t always keep every bit of food and plaque away from your teeth.

Why Dental Sealants Are Great For Everyone

Sealants are great particularly because of the amount of sugar that is typically consumed by most people. Sugar is in almost everything, especially sweet treats and soda, and the best way to keep your teeth healthy is to make sure that your teeth are properly armed against anything that will threaten the health of your teeth!

Applying a sealant for teeth isn’t just a good idea for children and teenagers, but adults as well. The depressions in your molars are highly prone to decay. Applying a tooth sealant will help to protect against that, especially since dental sealants can last up to ten years.

How Tooth Sealant is Applied:

  • Your dentist will clean your teeth before being able to apply the sealant. We don’t want to lock in preexisting plaque and tartar!
  • Cotton is put into your mouth and around your teeth once your teeth have been cleaned to keep your teeth dry while applying dental sealant.
  • A solution is rubbed onto the chewing surfaces of your teeth that allows the sealant to attach easier. Once this process is done, your teeth are cleaned and dried again.
  • Dental sealant is coated onto the surfaces of your teeth, and the sealant will automatically bond, creating a barrier between your teeth and the outside environment. It’s that easy!

For more information about the benefits available from a tooth sealant, contact us to schedule an appointment!

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