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Restorative Dentistry

Let Artful Smiles Dental Studio Upgrade Your Smile with Restorative Dentistry

At Artful Smiles, we understand that there are many unavoidable factors that can result in teeth being less than perfect. If you’re active in certain sports, you recognize that occasional tooth injuries are simply a part of an active lifestyle. However, everybody, regardless of whether they are involved in activities that may send them home with a broken tooth, will have issues with their oral or dental health at one time or another. Fortunately, we can help!
As professional dentists, we are dedicated to helping you maintain your oral health. No matter how old (or young) you are, we offer restorative dentistry services to all of our patients seeking dental and cosmetic improvements.

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Restorative Dentistry Procedures Offered

There are several restorative dentistry procedures available to you depending on your individual needs:

  • Fillings: Tooth color restorations are used to restore missing, chipped, or affected by dental decay. The final result appears natural, and is beneficial to strengthen the tooth.
  • Inlays & OnlaysDurable porcelain fillings used to restore weak or fractured teeth. They can be recommended as a more conservative alternative to dental crowns.
  • Crowns: Also known as a cap, crowns help to strengthen your teeth by placing a covering on your weakened tooth.
  • Bridges: A fixed solution to replace one or more missing teeth. Bridges can be used to fill in the gaps and improve your smile.
  • Implants: The best long term solution to restore one or more missing teeth. Implants preserve bone levels and overall dental health.
  • Root Canal TreatmentIf you have swelling, pain, or discoloration around a tooth, chances are that you may need a root canal treatment. A root canal will help restore and protect your tooth, and it will provide relief of any pain experienced.
  • Dentures & Partial DenturesDentures are removable sets of teeth for patients who have lost all or the majority of their teeth. Full dentures are used for patients who have no remaining teeth left, while partial casts are crafted to fit around natural teeth that are still in place.
  • TMJ & TMD Neuromuscular Therapy: If you are experiencing jaw pain and tension headaches, then this therapy might be right for you. TMJ disorders and TMD symptoms can be better controlled with neuromuscular therapy.
  • Gum disease treatment: Depending on the severity of the gum disease, different treatments might be used. These options include deep cleaning, scaling and root planing to remove the infection and decrease symptoms of gum disease.

For more information about the dental services that are available, we invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment.

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