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At Artful Smiles Dental Studio We Care About Our Community… Let us show you around.

At Artful Smiles Dental Studio, we believe that it is our responsibility to enhance wellness of our patients and our community. Every aspect of our dental office has been designed to maximize patients’ comfort and with a conscious effort to protect the environment.

Here are some of the steps that we have taken to create a safer and healthier environment for our patients:

  • Digital X-Rays: Instead of film X-Rays we use digital technology that emits up to 80% less radiation compared with older radiography. Additionally, digital X-Rays eliminate the use and dispose of toxic chemicals that are required to process film.
  • Paperless Patient Records: Our electronic records keep your information safe and we save a lot of trees by avoiding piles of paperwork for each patient file.
  • LED Lights: Switching out our lighting system has allowed us to decrease energy usage. These lights last longer than traditional bulbs and they produce less radiant heat.
  • Steam Sterilization: By using steam technology to sterilize equipment and our office we avoid the use of harmful chemicals. Steam offers a healthier and more efficient way to keep instruments safe and clean.
  • Silver Green Certified Building: This location insures the conservation of water and electricity; therefore, reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Dry Vacuum System: Compared with a traditional system, this technology allows us to use significantly less water and electricity.
  • Energy Efficiency: We have an energy efficient electric furnace and Energy Star appliances, helping us to reduce our impact on the environment.
  • Eco-Friendly Finishes: All of the cabinets and countertops in our office were chosen with the environmental impact in mind.
  • Low and No VOC Products: Our office strives to reduce indoor and outdoor pollution by avoiding toxic products.
  • Public Transportation: We have an office location that is easily accessible by public transportation, reducing environmental pollution that occurs when our patients come to visit.
  • Recycling: Whatever we can.

As you can see, we have gone the extra mile to make sure that we are caring for our guests and the environment at the same time. If you are interested in learning more about the exceptional service that you will receive at Artful Smiles Dental Studio, we invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment with our experienced team.

  • Our Evanston, IL Dental Office
  • Our Evanston, IL Dental Office
  • Our Evanston, IL Dental Office
  • Our Evanston, IL Dental Office
  • Our Evanston, IL Dental Office
  • Our Evanston, IL Dental Office
  • Our Evanston, IL Dental Office
  • Our Evanston, IL Dental Office
  • Our Evanston, IL Dental Office

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