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Netflix and Chill

September 20, 2019

Fall weather is near and what sounds better than to be home under the blankets and watching a movie? With tablets and noise cancellation head phones in each room, Artful Smiles invites you to bring the “Netflix and Chill” vibe to better your dental visit experience. Don’t know what to watch? You can check a show you have been wanting to see off of your list, catch up on new seasons, or start something completely new and different. Appointment times vary from visit to visit, but you can definitely squeeze in an episode or two. Some of our favorite shows are “Lucifer,” “Workin’ Moms,” “Orange is the New Black,” “No Good Nick,” “Breaking Bad” and many more. If you’re a “Friends” fan, it is now available on Netflix.

Dr. Korol always recommends something funny and light to watch during your dental appointments. Artful Smiles Dental Studio top recommended shows are “The Office,” “Friends,” and “Grace and Frankie.” Comedy shows are always a great distraction. With fall around the corner Halloween movies may just be the perfect addition to your dental appointment, “Halloween Town” and “Hocus Pocus” are hands down the best.

Netflix isn’t only a great distraction to make the dental appointment a breeze, it can also be very helpful for anyone who may experience dental anxiety. Bringing in your children for appointments? Count on Netflix to distract them and make the appointment that much easier. Have a younger child coming with to your appointment? Netflix can keep them busy while you get your teeth sparkly clean!

Whether you’re coming in for a teeth cleaning, dental filling or another general dentistry service, feel free to ask us about Netflix!

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